Organization of workshop

The workshop will take place as a ZOOM online meeting. Access link will be provided to all participants in advance. 



Talks are planned on the following areas:

• Data assimilation techniques for flow measurements / PIV / LPT

• Particle tracking in densely seeded flows

• Pressure and loads from PIV / LPT

• Variational techniques using adjoint Navier-Stokes for PIV / LPT

• Machine learning and data driven analyses

The presentations (~20-minutes + 5 minutes discussion) will focus on recent studies, but as well on a larger perspective and showing the relevant work of different research groups related to data-assimilation and evaluation codes for PIV and LPT processing. 16 presentations are already confirmed. Furthermore, the results of the 1st Challenge on LPT and DA will be presented. A detailed agenda can be found via download link below. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or require further information.